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7/97 (Y) C - S/2 Richard Dysse = Agnes ? Translation of the Will of Richard Dysse of Bury St. Edmunds,dated 15th April 1425, [Latin] In the name of God amen, I Richard Dysse of Bury St Edmunds,being of sound mind and good mind and good memory, staying at the aforesaid Bury, on 15 April in the Year of Our Lord 1425, do make my testament in this manner, Firstly, I leave my soul to Almighty God, the Blessd Virgin Mary and all the saints, [and] my body to be buried according to ecclesiastical law {"eccliastic' sepultur"] Item, I leave to the high altar of the church of St James in the aforesaid town of Bury,for my debts? and obligations forgotten, 12d, Item, I leave to the chaplain of my parish, 6d Item, I leave to the clerk of my parish, 2d, Item, I leave to Agnes my wife, all my household goods ["hostilam'ta" ] and the tools ["utensil"] which pertain to my house, Item, I leave and I give to my executors named below, my tenement in which I dwell, to sell and distribute [the proceeds] equally, one part for the salvation of my soul and of the souls ...... and the other paart for Agnes my wife, for her proper disposition without any interrerence whatsoever, The residue of my goods and chattels, after my debts our paid and [the provisions of ] this my testasment are are completed, I do give and leave to the disposition of my executors, And I ordain these men [as] the executors of my testament, namely John Bebell, [English: "Webster"], to perform the present testament well and faithfully, and I leave to each of them, for his labour,12d, In witness of which thing I have affixed my seal to the present [writing]. Given the place, day and year abovesaid. Translation from the Latin by Dr Peter Franklin.

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