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7/97 (Y) E - N/3 Thomas Disse 1546 Thomas Disse , Rector of Necton Norfolk (Bardlsey) 1558 Thomas Disse Vicar of Swaffham Market who probably died shortly after making his will on 8th August 1558 Probably the same man as Swaffham Market is only 2 or 3 miles west of Necton. T[Estamentum] Thome Disse Vic[a]r 8th August 1558 In nomine dei Amen The eighte Daye of Auguste in the yere of our Lorde god o[n]e Thousand five hundreth fiftue and eighte I Thomas Disse clerke and Vicare of Swaffh[a]m Markett in the Diocesof Norw[i]ch beinge holle of mynde and perfighte make my last will and testament in mannere and forme Followinge that ys to saye Firste I comende my soule to almightue god to o[u]r ladue saincte Marye and to saincte Pxtye and Paule and to all the blessed company in heaven and my bodeu to be buryed in the Chancell in the myddes from the lowe st[a]yres to the lectern & Rerde and there to have A stone comelye for a grave with a scipon in laten with my name uppon yt and I will have messe dirges for my soule and all Christian Soules at my burying day and seaventh daye and thirte dayes and yearen[d] daye at my buryinge daye every one pres[en]te every Clerke 1Vd every ladd with A simples iid every other ladd that is also to kepe the quire A penny and Lykewise at my Seaveneth daye at my xxxth daye and at my twelmonth daye after the Com[uni]on forte pristes gretes clerkes iid laddes [i] pence and will have iiiid to beare me to the church yf so many can be there gotten and everyone of them to have xiid the women that shall wynde me in my shete to have V1d & peace the clarke to have for his paynesat my buringe Xiid the Sexton for his labour the same daye xiid the Ringers amonge them iis at my buringe daye Item I will the Fermer of t[h]e p[ar]sonage shall have A nobill to the Rep[a]rac[i]on of the Chancell. Item I give to the Rep[a]rac[i]onof the Churche of the sayed Swaffham xli I will everye Spittell house in Norw[i]ch shall have xiid the prisoners in the Castell of Norw[i]ch iiis iiiid Item I will shall be deite unto the poure at all t[h]e Forsayed dayes my buringe dayes and so forth xxs Ache and everye dayes Item I will that everye one of my godchildren shall have xiid a piace Item I will that S[i]r Roger Ocley shall have all my printed bookes and one writen with a white Closer and all myn apparell that ys for to say gownes excepte my seconde worsted gown Cootis Sarkettes Doubletts Hosen Tipetts & Coppes And I will that George Knighte shall have my seconde worsted gowne xis good Englishe monye and all my lyvelye p[aar]syhrable chattell Item I will that Johan Diss borowe in November shall have in goode Englishe munye three pounds vis viiid Item I will that Arthure Anthonye my Nephewe shall have twentie poundes in the Forme Followinge the xli that he owes me and also my plate and my best bedd as y[e]t Fondeth that ys to saye the bedsteade corded The Testour Tershes the good mattrice ordnye the fetherbed w[hi]ch ys the beste I have A bolster thereto belonginge A payer of blanketts the best payer of shetes I have Item I gyve to Cecylye his wife my thr[ee] best cushioans A diaper tab le clothe A drape towellye and my best chayer my white brushe and my loking into glass Item I [g]yve to Agnes Ocley my mayed vili xiiis viiid of good and lawfull monye of Englande and twentie Nobles worthe of householeye stuffe after this Manner I will she shall have for choyse of all my beddsteades and all thereto belonging to the Valewe and yt shalbe prised my latell cupbarde my counter w[i]th the carpet and then in all other thinges to take her choise upp]on] to the valewe of the sayed twentie Nobles and everye thinge shalbe prised All the Rest of my goodes unbequeathed I Comytre them to the disposician of myne executors whome I make Arthure Antonye my Neve[w] and Agnes Ocley my Mayde they to Receyve my Debtes and to paye my debtes and to bringe my bodie to the grounde Witness[e]s of this my last will and testament per me Thomas Dissum predictum propria Marie

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