Richard DISSE

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7/97 (Y) E - C/10 Richard Disse married Agnes ? Richard was buried at Dullingham on 26th March 1614 (1614/15?) Could this be the same Richard as on E - C/5 whose wife died 11.10.1613? also at Dullingham. Agnes married John Castle at Dullingham on 4th May 1615 Will of Richardi Disse de Dullingham 1614 1. In the Name of god Amen the one & Twentieth daye of March 2. in the yeare of our Lord god 1614 I Richard Disse of Dullingham 3. in the county of Cambridge H[usb]andman being in perfect and sounde 4. remembrance thanks be to my Lorde god though Sicke and Weake 5. in my bodye doo make constitute & ordaine my last will and 6. Testament in manner and forme following First I comende and 7 Bequeathe my Soule into the hand of Allmighty god my maker 8. trusting through the merites of Jesus Christ my redeemer to 9. obtain pardon & forgiveness of all my sinnes & offences Item 10 I commende my body to the earth from which it came to be buried 11 within the Churchyarde of Dullingham aforesaid Item I give 12 unto John Disse my brother three combes of Barley and one 13 combe of Rye and one Flockabedd with a paire of sheetes and all 14 mine apparell savinge only my best Cloakes. Item I give to Amey 15 the wife of Richard Corwell Two Bushills of wheate Item I 16 give all my other goddes unbequeathed unto Agnes my wife 17 ----------- I do make A[gnes] sde Executor of this my last will and 18 Testament to repaice my debts and legacies & to bringe my body decently 19 to the grounde In witnesseth whereof I have thereunto sett mine 20 hande this daye and seane above written in the presence of Jo[hn] 21 Smith John Woolston Richard Cornell Edward Briggs and 22Thomas Loader.

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