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Unparsed GEDCOM data: 1 NAME Thomae DISSE 2 GIVN Thomae 2 SURN DISSE

E -C/04 Thomas Disse = Agneta Littlechild 21.6.1563 Balsham | | | | Thomas Gracia Robert Anna Bp 23.7.1567 Bp 25.5.1569 Bp 29.9.1573 Bp 29.6.1576 Agnes Littlechild was the fourth mentioned of five daughters of John Littlechild husbandman of Wimbish in Essex. There were also three sons. The will of John Littlechild dated 5th April 1551 includes -- "Item to Agnes my daughter a cowe to be delyv[ere]d at V yeres end After my decease and also to ye said Agnes Xiijs iijd to be payd at ye day of her marryage and my lytle postnet & ye ketle." John Littlechild is mentioned in the subsidy roll 1524 and muster roll 1536, both at Wimbish (With thanks to Stephen Littlechild) Letter from Stephen Littlechild about 1990 White House The Green Tanworth-in-Arden Solihull West Midlands B94 5AL Dear Geoffrey, Some time ago you kindly assisted my research into my family history. I am pleased to tell you that I have now completed The Early History of the Littlechild Family 1522-1681. Copies have been deposited in the county record offices at Cambridge, Bury St. Edmunds and Chelmsford, and at the Society of Genealogists. Your assistance has been acknowledged in the book, but I should like to thank you again. Yours Sincerely Stephen Littlechild Stephen's research, like mine, criss crossed the Cambridgeshire, Essex and Suffolk borders.

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