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7/97 (Y) D - E-03 Robert = Olive Richard Alice = Putter E - E/1 Robert Dysse of Southweld 1.In the name of gode Amen. In the yer of owr Lorde gode A thowsande 2.five hondreth fowrty and fowre XXiiij Day of May I Robert Dysse 3.of the parishe of southweld in Essex yeman hooll of mynd and of good 4.memory make this my last wyll and testament in this manner of 5.forme followying fyrst I beqweth my soull to almyghty gode to 6.owre lady saintt mary and to all the company of hevyne And my 7.body to buryed (with)in the church of saint peter of southweld in the Aly 8.before the Roode Also I gyve unto olyve my wyffe all my lands 9.and tenaments lyeng within the parishe of southweld and all the lands and 10.tenements lyeng within the parishe of Navestok Duryng hyr lyffe all the sayd lands and tenaments 11.And after hyr decesse to Remayn to Richard Dysse my sone and hys 12.Ayers for ever of this condicion that the sayd Richard Dysse my sone shall 13.gyve unto Alis puttw my Daughter XXL to be payd within two yers # 14.After that he doo entere unto the sayd lands and tenaments And yffe the 15. sayd Richard Dysse my sone wyll nott pay or cause to be payd to Alis 16.puttow or hyr Ayers XXL as is above wryttyne that thene I will that 17.the sayd Alis pottow or hyr Ayers shall entere opon my house and croft 18.belonyng therto 19lyeng in brukstrett for hyr A and hyr Ayers for ever 20 and yffe the sayd Richard Dysse or hys Ayers Doo pay or cause to be payd unto 21 the Alis puttow or hyr Ayers XXL as is above that then the sayd Richard 22Dysse and hys ayers to (crossed out) enjoye the sayd house and croft p---ply 23.for ever Also I beqweth to olyve my wyffe ij kyne Also I beqwethe Allis pottow my daughter an kowe and that to be delyvered at myghelmas after my decesse Also I beqwethe to Richard Dysse my sone kowe to be delyvered as is afore the Resydwe of all my goods detts payd I gyve to olyve my wyffe also I make olyve my wyffe 28.and Richard Dysse my sone myne Executors and Richard my sone to 29 have for his payns ?X ? Witnesse hereof syr thomas Arundill 30.curatt Robert Wryghte John Wryght of Wryghts brygg and Willm 31 cock (cook?) of boylls ---- ------ ---- John Wryght of brukstrett 32 Richard tylryght On Landranger O.S. Map sheet No. 177 Brooksreet lies south of South Weald between the A1023 and A12. South of the A12 is marked Boyles Court. North and North-east of South Weald are Navestock Side, Navestock Hall, Navestock Heath and Navestock Common. # D - E/3 Presumably Richard tylryght is the same Richard Telright mentioned in the will of Olive dyce. Transcribed by Yvonne Roach Olive Dysse [Dyce] of Southweld 1.In the name of gode Amen. The yere of our lorde gode ------- 2.VC and lijty The Xiij?? day of october. I Olyve dyce wydow in the 3.parish of Southweld in the Counte of Essexe Sycke in body From 4.the paynes of Deyth but hole of mynde etc. make my testament 5.etc. Fyrst I give and bequeth my soule etc. and my body to be 6.buryed etc. I give unto the poure mens box iij ? Item I give 7,to my daughtger Allis putto a poticote clothe of Rede a Crown (?!) 8.of gold and ? ----- of mony which she shall receve of 9.Richard Telwright Item I give and bequeth to Syxe of 10.hyr chyldren Syxe shepe the one to be the others hayers (heirs) 11.Item I give to Richard Dyce my Sone a ---------- 12.great cheste a great pott a Cubbord my mar and my 13.Colte Item I bequeth to Francis hillys a Cowe and a 14.shepe a fether bede with all thyngs therto belonginge a mattres that he laye on a littell brasse pott a ketell a skilett a Table Cloth a ------ - 16.Item i give to Joan hill a Cowe the one of them to be the other hayer 17.Item I give to Joan Dice a Cowe and a shepe I give to Willm 18. hilles the Smyth a mattres with all things therto belonginge with the 19. bedested and a blak cheste / Item I give to Willm hilles the Seconde a mattres with blanketts shetts and bedestede / Item I will that # 21. all my pewter & brasse unbequethd be equally devidyd amonge my chyldrens 22.chyldren andevery one to be others hayers. All other my goods unbequethd 23. my legacs and detts payd and my boddy honestlye buryed I give 24. unto Richard my sone whom I make my Executor and Richard 25.Telright my supervisor to whom I give ? ---- for his paynes 26. Wyttnes Mr. -------John -------- Willm phillippes with other 27.----/ Item I will that Richard my Sone shall have ----- 28.the kepyng of the besse tyll the Chyldren come to the age of 29. XXty yrs payinge yrly an ? aCowe beynge onley 30.Discharged from Rotte and Taynt. Transcribed by Yvonne Roach Letter dated 4/12/94 Yvonne Roach ......I received a reply to my letter to the Vicar at St Peter's South Weald. He'd passed it on to one of the readers with an interest in local history. He sent me their "Walk-round guide to the Parish Church". St Peter's dates back to 1150 and some parts of the original building are still in existence. However in the 19th century it was restored and most of the internal gravestones were removed to the graveyard. All were recorded but there was none for either Diss or Putto families, so if they ever existed they must have worn out or been removed long before that. It seems to be a very interesting church, with a 12th century doorway, brasses going back to 1480 and a font dated 1662, with the initials T.D. (it would be nice to think this could stand for Diss!). So at least parts of it would have been there in the time of Robert and Olyve. .....

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