Robert DISSE

Family 1: Elizabeth [disse]
  1. Agnes DISSE
  2. Alis DISSE
  3. James DISSE

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|--Robert DISSE 
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7/97 (Y) D - C/2 Robert Disse = Elizabeth James Alis Agnes Robert Disse = Elizabeth Buried June 1527 Balsham Children -- James , Alis = Penyer, Agnes Noncupative Will dated 24th June 1537 Will of Robert Dysse of Balsham 24th June 1537 [Noncupation] T[estamentum] robertii Dysse In dei Nomine Amen The 24th Daye of the Moneth of June in the yeare of ou[r] Lord God one Thousand Five Hundred three sevene. Robert Disse Late while he lived at Balsham in the County of Cambridge Carpinter being in his perfect mynde and memory made and declared his last Will and Testament noncupation in manner and forme following Vide Imprimis that this Rob[er]t gave and Bequeathed his sooull unto the mercifull hands of allmightie god counting through the death and passion of his sonne and Saviour Jesus Christ to have remission of his sinnes and his body to be buried in Christian Buriall Item he gave and bequeathed unto Jam[e]s Disse his sonne all his Tooles belonging to his occupation a brass pott -----Table with a faulte table to be delivered immediately after the Decease of Elizabeth his wife. Item he gave and bequeathed unto Allis Penyer [?] and Agnes Diss his daughters to everyone of them that [come a] ? cuple of Ews and Lambe. Item he gave to John Disse his brother one Ewe and a Lambe and his best axe and box wymbelle. Item he gave the residewe of all his goods movarble an immoverble whatsoeve unto the said Elizabeth Diss his wiffe to bring up his Children and to paye his Debtes and to fulfylle this his last Will and T[h]est[ament] Being witnesses Sir Thomas Samodyne Clerk John Disse William Aurnsell ----- John Taylor with others.

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