John DYS

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7/97 (Y) D - S/1 John Dys = ? Gregory John Buried c. 1526 St. Andrew Great Saxham Sons Gregory and John Subsidy Returns Suffolk. 1523 John Diss levied on lands value 1.6.8 the sum of 1 shilling 4 pence tax. Wixsoe Nr Clare. 1523 John Diss & William Patten + John Parkwe levied on goods value 2.0.0 The sum of 3 shilling tax. Saxham Magna. 1523 Gregory Dys + Thos Fookes & John Syger levied as labourer the sum of 1 shilling. Saxham Magna Could the top John Diss be a different person to the other two John Diss? Will of John Dys of Great Saxham 1526 Will proved in Archdeaconry of Sudbury John Diss of Great Saxham 1526 (Brydene 187) Not sure of the transcription but think broadly correct 1 R. per mi William Fisby. 2 These bieing myn Executors Gregory Dys and John Dys 3 My sonnes 4 ----- mercy # 5 In Dei nomine amen I John Dyss the older of Gt Saxham beying in holle 6 mende make my tesstament en thys Wysse fyrsst I quethe 7 my soule to God and to ower Lady and alle the holy company 8 of heven and my body to be beryed in the church and off sseynt 9 Andru of Saxom ________________ I bequethe [crossed out] [above - prepared for my] 10 Fyrst I quethe to ----- the hey anter dessing oblyen iijs iiijd 11 Item I quethe to Gregory my sone my bullikys 12 Item I be quethe to the sayd Gregory my sonne ________ X schepe 13 Item I be quethe to the sayd Gregory my sonne fo barley X vjs 14 I quethe to John my sonne ____________X combie 15 Item I quethe the seyd Jhon my sonne ________X schepe 16 I quethe to the seyd Jonn my sonne m_________ 11 bulloke 17 thys ys my last well and testmend that Gregory 18 and John my sonnes pay the thythe that 19 the ----- of all my ----- just bequests and ----- ---- Gregory Dys halff [Lines 20 21 and 22 along with the note above line 10 are very indistinct but are written in a more educated hand]

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